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Things to Do In Barcelona

Now that you're luggage free, it's time to take in everything the city has to offer. Barcelona is one of the most visited destinations in Europe and home to one of the most famous football clubs in the world. 

Barcelona top attractions

Whether you're here to catch a football match or to admire the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona is bound to take your breath away with its rich history and vibrant nightlife. 

Sagrada Familia

If you only have time to visit one of Gaudí's masterworks, then you should book a trip to the Sagrada Familia Cathedral near the Monumental metro station. Although it remains incomplete after about 200 years of construction, this Catholic church is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a major symbol of modern Barcelona. Both inside and outside this church, you'll find a fascinating fusion of the natural world with symbols from the Catholic tradition. You can even climb to the top of this cathedral for a fantastic view of the surrounding city.

Hang Out with Locals in Passeig de Gracia

If you head out for a drink, or a night out down in the center of the city, especially down around the Rambla, your chance of meeting locals is pretty much zero. Our recommendation is to head up to the top of Passeig de Gracia and join the hip young folks in the trendy suburb of Gracia. Once its own distinct town, before being absorbed into Barcelona in the late 18th century, it still maintains a unique Bohemian vibe.

With visiting Gràcia, you will discover the way of life in Catalonia small towns. Gràcia is a cosmopolitan and stylish district packed with artists and students so that you will find many cafes, bars, and shops. Gràcia is most famous for the Festa Mayor, and a Bacchanalian street fair held every August. If you go to Gràcia in August, you will find the area changed as the neighbors decorate individual streets in creative ways.

Relax in Parc de la Ciutadella

If you want to relax after crisscrossing Barcelona, this is the perfect place. Parc de la Ciutadella is Barcelona's biggest park making it an amazing spot for picnic lovers. Here you will find the zoo and an artificial lake as well. After a rowboat ride or a promenade under the big trees, admire La Cascada, the central fountain. From there, you will get a perfect view of the park's personality that also includes many musicians and street artists. Visiting the Ciutadella Park feels like taking a day trip from Barcelona. Seriously!

Get You Football On At Camp Nou

There's no more exhilarating way to end your Barcelona adventure than taking a trip to the Camp Nou stadium. Completed in 1957, this over 99,000-seat arena is the home of the FC Barcelona football club. Oh yeah, any yanks reading this article, please insert the word "soccer" every time you see "football."

Not only is this stadium the biggest you'll find in Spain, but it's also currently considered the third-largest on the planet. Even if you're not in the city for a game day, you could book a guided tour of Camp Nou and the stadium's museum. Some FC Barcelona tours even offer an immersive virtual reality experience as a part of their package!

Camp Nou is only a 5-minute walk from the Palau Reial metro station.

Discover the best beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of mesmerizing beaches, only a short walk away from the bustling downtown! Here are our favorite ones.

Barceloneta Beach

The most popular and touristy beach in the city, Barceloneta, takes its name from the neighborhood it is located in, right next to the city center. If seaside fun is your thing, then you will have no shortage of options in this cosmopolitan beach. The area is full of seafood restaurants and clubs, while there is also a wide variety of water sports like wind and kitesurfing.

Nova Icaria Beach

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind by the sea, there is no better place than the Nova Icaria beach. Although it is much quieter than its neighbors, you will not run out of things to do around the area. Foodies will be happy to learn that there are many great restaurants and bars nearby, while Nova Icaria is also famous for its game area, featuring ping pong tables and volleyball courts.

Ocata Beach

Ocata Beach can be found in the north of Barcelona, just a 30-minute train ride from the center. Those who make the short trip will be rewarded with a stunning white-sand beach, which is perfect for moments of tranquility and privacy. Especially in the summertime, a bit of space is always welcome and not easy to find in more popular areas. Ocata is full of restaurants and chiringuitos, with a wide assortment of drinks and food.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell Beach is located very close to the city center and is regarded as one of the safest beaches in Barcelona. Although it attracts a more mature crowd and locals looking to get away from the tourists, Bogatell Beach is great for those who want to enjoy the sea in peace!

Mar Bella

Mar Bella is a water sports enthusiast's dream, offering many opportunities for windsurfing, kayak, and kitesurfing. So, if you ever wanted to learn how to do any of those activities, Mar Bella is the perfect place to start. The beach is quite spacious and relaxed, so you will find plenty of room to sunbathe if you are not in the mood for an adrenaline spike.

Sant Sebastia

Stretching to over one kilometer long, San Sebastia is one of the longest beaches in Barcelona. In terms of style, it is much like La Barceloneta: busy, noisy, and exciting! With a never-ending choice of restaurants, sports and clubs, you can easily spend a whole day here without realizing it!

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