The Stasher Vision

Our vision started off simple. Imagine yourself dragging heavy bags around a city. You’ve probably been there. Now imagine how great it would be to be able to store those bags somewhere cheap, convenient and safe.

In a world where we can order taxis on-demand from our smartphones, how come nobody had built a solution to on-demand storage? I think that’s the most flattering compliment we get as the founders of Stasher: “It’s so simple, I can’t believe nobody ever thought of it! I wish I’d thought of it!”

“Our mission is to give people freedom”

Our vision started off so simple that we actually stored bags in our own flats. We still get called Airbnb for luggage, but in the very early days it was the truth. Customers would book to store bags in my apartment, or Anthony’s, and we’d get to interview them about why they needed us, and how they found us. It was the perfect learning process. Looking back now at how basic our service was then, it’s funny to think of anybody booking through us. But it’s great that they did, because that was how we got started on the entrepreneurial journey that has taken us from storing our first bag in London, to storing our 100,000th bag this week.

After a few months of running back and forth from work and lectures to let customers in to get their bags, we realised that storage in people’s homes came with some logistical issues… That was when we had the real light bulb moment. There was a convenience store across the street. They were open nearly 24/7. What if they had space in their storage rooms? What if we gave them commission to look after bags for us?

“If you ever find yourself dragging heavy luggage around a city, convenient storage will be on-demand and around the corner”

Suddenly our vision had scale. Imagine the world’s largest urban storage network — a network of shops, hotels and other businesses, all with storage rooms where they could safely look after people’s belongings. Bring all of them together in one platform. Make the website easy to find, easy to use, and easy to book on-the-go. Then, if you ever find yourself dragging heavy luggage around a city, convenient storage really will be on-demand and around the corner.

And that’s where we are now. We’ve gone from our storing bags in our flats, to storing bags in shops and hotels all around the world. At the date of writing, we’re live in 60 cities, but by September 2018 that should be 75 cities and by 2019 it will be over 100. Our growth has been exponential. The journey has been so exciting already, but of course, it’s still only the beginning.

Right now, we store bags. If you’re checking out and your flight isn’t til later, and you need somewhere to store your luggage, Stasher can store it. If you’re visiting venues or events and you can’t bring your stuff in, Stasher can store it. If you need heavy goods delivered to pick them up later, Stasher can store it.

Our mission is to give people freedom. Not just from luggage: carrying anything around can weigh you down, and organising the logistics of getting your stuff from one place to another is a massive pain. We’re here to change that.