Want to Make £80k a Year Travelling the World? This Might Be For You!

Want to Make £80k a Year Travelling the World? This Might Be For You!

by George Mouratidis

Imagine travelling around the world’s most famous destinations for months at a time and getting paid £80k per year to do it. The only thing you’d have to do is hang around a family and take photos of them all day.

Sounds unusual? It is 100% true!

A UK family is offering this opportunity to a fortunate -and very resilient- photographer, who would be willing to follow them in their travels. The successful candidate will have to take lifestyle snapshots of the family’s holidays all around the globe. Destinations include some of the world’s most iconic events, such as the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Rio Carnival and the Grand Prix in Monaco.

The job description -as it was sent to Perfocal- in full:

All expenses will be covered on top of the annual salary. Also, the position includes 30 days holiday (no, the family’s holiday do not count) and it includes full sick pay. The family has asked to remain anonymous until they shortlist applicants due to the high-profile of the father’s work.

Although the position might sound like a dream job for many, the selection process will be quite strict. According to the request that was first published on the photography job board Perfocal, the position requires that candidates must be willing to travel outside the UK for up to three months at a time (easy) and have at least five years of experience in lifestyle photography. Also, applicants must undergo a full background check. In addition, the successful photographer must be on call to travel at all times without questions and work 10 hours a day.

So, if you are an experienced lifestyle photographer, willing to spend every waking moment with someone else’s family, you can apply for the job by filling out the form below. Better hurry because the first trip is scheduled for February 2019!

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