How Stasher is helping Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts

How Stasher is helping Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts

by Elsa Corcione

It’s a tale as old as time, one we’ve been told since we were old enough to understand words and brim with excitement at the prospect of presents. On Christmas Eve, a man with a nose like a cherry and a round belly slides down countless of chimneys to deliver gifts to everyone.

Ever wondered how Santa delivers presents around the whole world in 36 hours though? (The reasoning behind this number has to do with Earth’s time zones, duh!) Usually, he uses a mix of elf magic, a sleigh that inspired the technology behind the Batmobile, and his irreplaceable reindeer.

However, as you probably heard, Santa’s 9 flying reindeer have been a bit under the weather recently as a consequence of climate change in the North Pole. Latest reports have sadly announced that their flying time has slowed to a shocking 9,675,443.1 km/hr, making it impossible to deliver all gifts in time.

Well, not to brag, but this where we come in to save the day! This year, CityStasher will be the official sponsor behind the campaign #MakeStashmasHappen. We’ve partnered up with Head Elf Buddy to offer our services, and our 200 StashPoints, to help Rudolph and his mates. StashPoints all around London, Brighton, Manchester, Paris and Berlin will store nicely wrapped presents on Christmas’ Eve and remain open overnight so that Santa’s reindeers won’t have to carry the usual weight of trillions of gifts. Santa will simply pop into one of the stores, grab the presents to be distributed in a specific area, and do his magic in no time at all!

To all the other cities where we haven’t arrived yet…You’ll be luckier next year!

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄 🎅🏻


Santa’s little helpers


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