Stasher’s Stay at Home Specials #7: Best Alternatives to Netflix (UK)

Stasher’s Stay at Home Specials #7: Best Alternatives to Netflix (UK)

by George Mouratidis

You’ve watched Claire Underwood manipulate a political glow up and Rita plumb to cringe-worthy depths. At this point, you know too much about Carol Baskin’s meat grinder and could probably write a dissertation on The Crown’s accuracy. But it’s finally done; you’ve binged your way to the end of Netflix and are jonesing for a new streaming fix.

So what’s the best Netflix alternative? Let’s explore eight options.

#8 Alternative to Netflix: Disney+

The new kid on the streaming block, Disney+ quickly became a fan favorite around the world. The platform houses the mouse’s entire catalogue — which now includes Marvel blockbusters, Pixar masterpieces, the Star Wars franchise, and every Simpsons episode — in addition to National Geographic shows and documentaries.

For those sheltering in place with humans too young to drink, Disney+ could be a sanity saver.

Check it out now:

#7 Alternative to Netflix: Mubi

Do buzzy blockbuster action flicks leave you cold? Would you rather tend to your grandfather’s foot jam than watch one minute of Geordie Shore? If yes, then Mubi may be your perfect Netflix alternative. A curated collection of independent films, Mubi is where you’ll find mumblecore staples and Wes Anderson classics. Or, as Mubi puts it, “beautiful, interesting, incredible movies.”

But caveat watcher: Mubi doesn’t work like other streaming sites. Instead of films staying on the platform for months or years, they only stick around for 30 days. True cinephiles, however, insist the site’s offerings are far superior, so they gladly accept the month-long limitation in exchange for the range of offerings.

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#6 Alternative to Netflix: YouTube

Sure, YouTube is ground zero for obnoxious opinionators and thirsty influencers, but it’s also full of quality content. Thanks to the platform’s reach, most legitimate media outlets now maintain a YouTube channel. The BBC puts most of its documentaries on YouTube, as does the stateside PBS and Canada’s CBC. Whatever your intellectual or mind-fluff poison, YouTube’s got you covered.

Check it out now:

#5 Alternative to Netflix: BFI Player

The British Film Institute maintains an online streaming service stocked with critically acclaimed movies and shorts. For the budget conscious, thousands of archived offerings are available for free. The BFI Player also has a rental section and subscription options.

An international affair, BFI’s menu extends beyond England, Scotland, and Wales. Plus, it has an extensive collection of older films. Don’t expect to catch the latest big-budget flick here, but it does carry titles like “Knives Out” and “Vivarium”.

Check it out now:

#4 Alternative to Netflix: NowTV

Now TV is Sky Limited’s stand-alone, pay-as-you-go online streaming service. Subscribers can access films, sporting events, and television programs from the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. The service became popular years ago when it started streaming “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead”. These days, Now TV specializes in popular Hollywood movies and TV shows from around the world.

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#3 Alternative to Netflix: Curzon Home Cinema

The pandemic has shuttered entertainment venues across the globe, so movie theatre chain Curzon is squeezing lemonade out of COVID-19 lemons by releasing films directly to its at-home streaming platform. Mainstream enthusiasts should probably look elsewhere, though, as Curzon’s offerings serve the left-of-center crowd with art-house titles like “Portrait of a Woman on Fire” and “The Truth”.

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#2 Alternative to Netflix: Rakuten TV

Relatively new and headquartered in Barcelona, Rakuten TV may find its fortune in a post-corona world. Unlike other streaming services, Rakuten isn’t subscription-based. Simply scroll through its offerings and rent or buy movies you want to watch. As of late, the service has landed some big titles, like “Frozen 2”, “Emma”, and “The Invisible Man”.

Check it out now:

#1 Alternative to Netflix: Amazon Prime

Not only do Amazon Prime subscriptions come with free shipping, but membership gives you access to Prime Video, the e-commerce giant’s answer to Netflix. It’s got thousands of free films and television shows on tap, plus you can opt to pay for recently released movies and niche channels.

Agatha Christie fans should run to sign up. The platform has every “Poirot” and “Miss Marple” ever made, plus newly produced originals adapted from the mystery writer’s oeuvre. Aren’t you curious to see how John Malkovich tackles the Hercule persona?

Check it out now:

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