Bag Storage & Left Luggage at The British Museum

Bag Storage & Left Luggage at The British Museum

by Stasher Peeps

Stasher’s Guide to Bag Storage at The British Museum

The British Museum is the UK’s number one tourist attraction. In order to enhance visitor safety and security, no large bags or luggage are permitted in The British Museum’s exhibitions and cloakrooms.

Luckily, Stasher has a brilliant host located just 1 minute from The British Museum’s doors. Simply book online, and drop your bags at Fancy that of London, just a 2 mins walk form the museums!, while you discover the delights that The British Museum has to offer. Luggage storage has never been so easy!

Once Stasher have taken the weight of your bags and luggage off your back – and off your mind – your mind is free to run wild as you travel through time exploring the Museum’s vast array of exhibitions.

About the Museum

The British Museum boasts 94 galleries and 8 million artefacts, and as well as entry to the Museum, many of its exhibitions are free. Over 6 million visitors a year can’t be wrong… The museum is an absolute must for your itinerary whether you’re visiting London for the first time, or you’ve lived here all your life; whether you’ve got one hour or three!

The building itself is mesmerising: our favourite part of the building has to be the Great Court. When it was completed in 2000, became the largest covered public square in Europe. The Great Court is a 2-acre space covered with a spectacular glass ceiling. Nestled in the Court’s heart is The British Museum’s world-renowned Reading Room.

What to See

If you want a cultural complement to your Christmas shopping this year, why not check out the museum’s exhibition On Violence and Beauty: Reflections on War. The exhibition will run for 9th November 2017 – 21st January. It promises to be absolutely fascinating, tracing the depictions of war in art over a 5000 year period, from 3300 BC to 2013.

Keeping children entertained all day is no mean feat. Fortunately, the British Museum has a range of solutions on offer. Be sure to borrow one of The British Museum’s very own family activity backpacks. Why not follow one of their many wonderful trails? Or take part in their family-friendly events? Whether your children are mystified by mummies, or amazed by Ancient Greece, there’s an activity for every age and attention span.

Grab a Bite to Eat

After all of this culture, make the most of your luggage-free afternoon. You can discuss your favourite object or fun new fact over a coffee or a delicious pizza at one of the museum’s three eateries. Rumour has it that at The Pizzeria, you can add a glass of prosecco for just £6 to any pizza or salad… we think you deserve it!

Don’t forget to book your storage on our website for luggage storage while you visit The British Museum. Our StashPoint is just 2 minutes walk from the British Museum and prices start from just £6. Click here to find out more.

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