Back to Basics: Pinterest Reveals the Most Popular Travel Trends for 2019

Back to Basics: Pinterest Reveals the Most Popular Travel Trends for 2019

by George Mouratidis

Christmas day is behind us and the new year is only hours away. So, as we lie in wait for 2019 with our bellies full of alcohol and leftovers from the Christmas table, what better way to fight post-holiday depression than planning our next travels?

Pinterest has released their top travel trends for the next year based on its user searches over six months. With a user base of over 250 million people, their estimates are bound to be accurate! Let’s see which travel trends are predicted to gain traction in 2019.

Less Traveled Island

The authentic experience

It seems like Pinterest users are getting fed up with the absurdity of modern societies and want to abandon it all for more remote destinations. Perhaps that’s why searches for the term “less travelled island” rose 179% over the last year.

Abandoned Castles

Forget gilded halls and sumptuous dining rooms! The trend of escapism from the ordinary and avoiding the crowds reflect on travellers who are searching for “abandoned castles” 142% more this year. We can’t deny that there’s a certain charm to dilapidated monuments of despotism.

Natural Hot Springs

It really is as good as it looks

Life really doesn’t get much better than relaxing in a natural thermal bath in an idyllic location. Pinterest users seem to have caught on to this little secret, therefore, searches went up by 32%.

Zero Waste Travel

It is perhaps more apparent than ever that we are killing the planet at a much quicker rate than we initially thought. Unfortunately, plane travel is one of the worst culprits in carbon emissions. Globetrotters around the world are searching for new ways to trot the globe in environmentally-friendly ways. Searches for the term “zero waste travel” rose by 74%.

Bus Travel

Do you have a moment to talk about Megabus?

With budget airlines trying to squeeze every little penny of our hard-earned money, many thrifty travellers are going old-school and are searching for alternative options. Carbon footprint be damned, if I can bring my luggage with me free of charge I will do anything it takes! Searches for “bus travel” are up by 30%.

Small Town Travel

Small towns are often full of secrets

Escapism is expected to be a strong travel trend for 2019 as more and more travellers are seeking ways to get out of their annoying everyday lives. Searches for “small town travel” rose by a whopping 276%, as travellers seem to prefer staycation over exploring touristy foreign capitals.

Bike Tours

Some cities (like Amsterdam and Copenhagen) are a joy to explore by bike. Cycling tours seem to be going up a gear, as Pinterest searches for “bike tours” have increased by 65%. Although renting a bike in those cities is quite expensive, it is still a great way to cover long distances effortlessly, without missing out on sightseeing.


These were the main travel trends for 2019, as researched by Pinterest. Looking back at them, it is evident that people are going back to basics, as they search for simple and relaxing ways to spend their holidays. Frankly, we’re surprised Stasher didn’t fit the bill, as we also advocate for keeping travel simple by storing your luggage anywhere in the world!

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