15 Travel Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

From the dreaded middle seat and creased cocktail dress to foreign transaction fees and overpriced flights. Whether you’re travelling with a backpack, a fancy luggage or just a handful of clothes and a passport, these can easily put a damper on an otherwise perfectly planned trip.

To help you make the most of your holiday , we’ve compiled a list of travel hacks that are bound to make your holiday more fun, comfortable, and relaxed.


#1 Go Incognito

Travel sites often track your visits and will raise the price because you’ve visited before. You also don’t want to be spammed with countless adverts on Facebook and Google after you’ve done a random search for flights to Azerbaijan. The solution? Private browsing!


#2 Be smart about booking a flight

Use a site like Skyscanner or Kayak to compare flights across all airlines and agencies to find the best deal for your trip.

After you’ve found the perfect deal, head to the airline website and book directly from them, they often have updated prices or discounts.


#3 Land on the booking sweet spot

Tuesdays are usually the cheapest days to book flights, with the most expensive being Saturdays and Sundays.


#4 Return or one-way?

Legend has it, return flights are cheaper. Wrong. Airlines nowadays don’t differentiate much between return and one-way prices. Moreover, if you were to miss your first flight the rest of your booking would automatically be cancelled.


#5 To rock a look, always roll

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Rolling not only helps with space-saving, but also reduces creases.


#6 Lie about your luggage

Mark your luggage as fragile, even if you’re only packing clothes. It’s a great way to ensure that your baggage is handled correctly (we’ve all seen how airport staff handles loading and unloading!). They’re also likely to be first off the flight so you’re first out the door. A win-win all around!


#7 Be an exchange expert

Forget about airport money-changers and ATMs. Companies like Revolut and Monzo allow you to exchange and withdraw money in 120 currencies, using interbank exchange rates. No need to pay hefty fees.


#8 Un-tangled

Store your power cords in an old sunglass case. I’ll keep you from losing your mind, we promise.


#9 Pre-map your destination

Use Google Maps offline by typing “OK Maps” and the visible area will save for future access. The GPS in your phone will work without using mobile data and you’ll always be able to orient yourself even in an unfamiliar area.


#10 Charge it up

Did you forget to bring the right international adaptor? You can easily charge your devices through the USB slot on a TV. Handy, uh?


#11 Stash your luggage

After checking out of your Airbnb, drop your luggage at a local luggage storage facility and make the most out of your last day. Spending 5 hours in a cafe, while not the worst possible fate, is still a waste of your precious time, especially if you’re only staying in a city for a day or two. Startups like Stasher put travellers in touch with local businesses and hotels where you can safely store your bags for just £6!


#12 Your smartphone is your best friend

From calling a Uber to finding the best brunch spot in the area, almost everything is at your fingertips. Take a look at these top travel apps and websites that will make your travelling life easier: <Top 5 Must Have Travel Apps>


#13 Handheld luggage scale

Overweight luggage costs have gone through the roof. Invest in a handheld luggage scale and weight your luggage before check in to avoid nasty surprises.


#14 Tap into free Wi-Fi everywhere

Free WIFI is everywhere, but sometimes it isn’t always the easiest to find.  If you visit a coffee shop or other location with Wi-Fi, check comments on FourSquare to get free Wi-Fi passwords. Your airport layover will never be the same again.


#15 Share the love

On the last day of your trip to a foreign country, collect all of your loose change and give it to the homeless.