11 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

11 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

by George Mouratidis

Buying gifts for your loved ones is one of the best ways to show you care about them (or not). It is a great chance to connect with them and make them feel special in these holy days. The hard part is, of course, guessing what the hell they might want (and resisting the urge to keep everything for yourself).

Thankfully, things are a tad easier with frequent travellers. For one thing, you already know for sure that they travel …frequently, so you might as well buy them a relevant gift. If you have a special globetrotter in your life and still haven’t bought them a gift, this is your chance to make them happy, on a budget (DON’T keep everything for yourself).

PSSSST: Keep reading for an awesome gift you can keep for yourself!

Travel padlock

Keep your secrets under lock & key

While there is a chance that this kind of gift might make you seem like an incredible miser, it is indeed useful for frequent travellers. You never know when it may come in handy and renting one can be surprisingly expensive. We know it is unassuming, but it’s practical as hell (which is precisely what a stingy bastard would say). Still, a worthy investment to protect your hard-earned stuff that you bought with your hard-earned money.

Travel pillow

The perfect gift for everyone

You don’t even have to be a frequent traveller to appreciate a gift like that. Just one long trip in the middle seat of the plane is enough to make you lose all hope for life. Frankly, your friends do not even have to be travellers to resist to a nice neck cushion. A travel pillow is one of those things that most people want to buy but somehow never do. We recommend buying one for yourself as well. Just don’t buy any inflatable ones, as they usually are even worse than ugly sleeping on the plane.

AyeGear V26 Travel Vest

Perfect to carry your stuff and protect your virginity

The perfect gift for the man that has everything and wants to bring it with him anywhere he goes. This not-so-stylish vest has 26 pockets that can fit nearly everything, from your tablet and phone to your digital camera and water bottle. If that wasn’t enough, it is also loaded with a network of hidden conduits to charge your devices on the go. Perfect for travelling dads or people who don’t care about what they’re wearing in public. Of course, there are also women’s versions available that are slightly less painful on the eyes.

Travel blanket

We think everyone can appreciate the value of a soft blanket

When booking travel accommodation, you never know what to expect regarding sleeping arrangements, especially when you are booking the cheaper options. Few things are as frustrating as being slightly cold through the night and having an uncomfortable sleep will ruin your trip. That’s why a travel blanket is always a good idea: not only can you use it longer aeroplane trips, but it can keep you warm when the covers aren’t enough.

Epic Wipes

EPIC wipes for MASSIVE treks

No, it’s not what you are thinking (although it can be, depending on how you use it). Epic Wipes is a Kickstarter-backed product that is being marketed as “the shower that fits in your pocket”. This 80cm wide mega-wipe is made for those moments you simply cannot take a shower. If you have a friend that likes to go on epic hikes and doesn’t particularly enjoy showering, this is your chance to impress. It also makes up for a great passive-aggressive gift to your SO. Either way, you win!

Skidmark safe

Whoever invented this needs a raise and a psychotherapy session. Not in that order.

It is true that travelling increases the risk of falling victim to theft, particularly when mingling with crowds. If you want to keep your personal belongings away from prying eyes, there is no better solution than a skid mark safe. This foul, wretched abomination of a gadget resembles a used piece of underwear that comes with its own disgusting skid-mark. However, hidden on a secret compartment, is a pocket in which you can put all your personal belongings. Nobody will ever think about messing with it. Not pretty to look at, but that’s the point!

Disposable airline seat covers

Aeroplane seats are super dirty

You probably don’t think about it that much, but aeroplane seats are incredibly filthy. Millions of people from all over the world use them every day, and, according to insider sources, they are not cleaned very thoroughly or frequently. Disposable airline seat covers are an easy and cheap way of keeping your friends clean and free of germs on their travels!

LifeStraw portable water filter

This holiday, give your friends the gift of life

The perfect gift for those who like to go on hiking trips or travel to countries with contaminated water! This purifier works like a coffee press and eliminates all dangerous bacteria that can lead to unpleasant situations (like aggressive diarrhoea). A literal lifesaver for those who often visit places with a less developed sewage network.

Snapchat spectacles

You don’t look like a voyeur at all with these.

This pair of video-recording sunglasses is perfect for the friend that uploads about a million Snapchat stories from their travels. Released by the people at Snapchat themselves, this fun travel accessory lets you record snaps of your day and sync them to your account. They are a bit on the pricey side but it’s a fantastic gift if you want to see the world through another person’s eyes.

Load-Ding – a hammock for your electronics

German efficiency at its finest.

Don’t leave your electronic devices hanging! Most of us have experienced the pain of trying to charge our electronic devices in oddly-placed power outlets (first-world problems). This neat little device acts like a hammock for your device and keeps it from falling while charging on an unsafe location (looking at you, all airports all over the world). A perfect gift for any traveller with too many gadgets.

A StashPoint

Stasher is a great gift you can make to yourself and your friends! Use the code HELLOSTASHER to get a 10% off your next booking with our service! Enjoy your holiday baggage free and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @stasherofficial!

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